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Unique Franchise Opportunity

You won’t find another resale franchise or thrift shop quite like Crossing the Jordan. It’s a time-tested concept that gives you a way to quickly outfit your boutique and build a business with purpose.

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We believe in the power of second chances–

for people and merchandise!

Michael & Dana Bryant, Founders of Crossing the Jordan

Franchise With Purpose

We designed Crossing the Jordan resale franchise, as part of our overall mission to make a statement about the power of second chances. Our business model emerged from a strong belief in creating opportunities for others and making a difference in our community. The Crossing the Jordan organization, including its related thrift shops and rehabilitation homes, has helped countless people see things in new ways, experience life as they never have before and clearly envision a purpose-driven future. Now, by offering our designer resale franchise model to motivated, like-minded entrepreneurs, we’re giving business owners a chance to make an impact in their own local communities.

Our buy-sell-trade business model affords you plenty of opportunities to create your niche in the resale industry and build a rewarding future.

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Dana & Michael Bryant

Crossing the Jordan Founders