Step into a second-hand clothing franchise concept that works

With our help, you can build a business you will be proud to call your own

We believe greatness comes from what you give. That’s why we offer franchise owners an established concept and a protected territory. You also get tried-and-true merchandising advice from our experts who know what it takes to create a signature Crossing the Jordan shopping experience.

Here are some of the ways we give you a runway to start growing your business right away:

  • Start-up guidance – We will give you guidance on site selection and build-out, including store design and display, to ensure your store presents the signature look of Crossing the Jordan.

  • Inventory expertise – You will have access to our exclusive source of inventory for your start-up. Ongoing guidance will help you display your buy-sell-trade stock and become inventory self-reliant in no time.

  • Ongoing training – You and your team will get ready for launch with corporate-based and on-site training that introduces you to general business operating procedures. We also will help you develop the right skills for online and consignment sales.

  • Technology tools – You will be on the cutting edge of retail technology with expertise in a tested point-of-sale system and online platforms.

  • Confidential operations manual – This invaluable tool will give you all the details you need to operate your daily business efficiently, including how to manage your business, work with suppliers, provide quality customer service, and more.

  • Marketing support – You will have access to branded marketing materials and strategies, including TV commercials, social media and videos you can tailor for your local market.

Let’s live out loud! We are excited to share our unique retail experience with more customers –
and with savvy business owners

Dana Bryant, Co-Founder of Crossing the Jordan

Our buy-sell-trade business model affords you plenty of opportunities to create your niche in the resale industry and build a rewarding future.

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Dana & Michael Bryant

Crossing the Jordan Founders