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Recession-Proof Industry

Did you know the resale industry is considered a recession-proof segment of the retail industry? Plus, it’s one of the fastest growing retail segments in the U.S. Shoppers turn to thrift and consignment stores for about a third of our annual purchases.[1]

Who doesn’t want to buy high-quality, designer merchandise at a fraction of the original cost? Consumers of all ages and from all economic levels demand affordable options, particularly when it comes to fashion. For many, they also want that feel-good moment when they rescue an item and repurpose it into their own style. Their bargain purchase finds a new home and stays out of the landfill.

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The used merchandise stores industry in the U.S.

has combined annual revenue of about $17 billion.2

Bring a feel-good moment to your community with your Crossing the Jordan retail franchise store.

  • Attract more sales, customers and traffic to your store by offering a variety of brand name apparel and accessories for women, teens and children, as well as household items and home décor.
  • Quick-start your initial inventory with our central merchandise sourcing and become inventory self-reliant in less time.
  • Grow from local to global when you leverage multiple revenue streams, including in-store, online and consignment sales as well as third-party kiosks.
  • Invest with less than other resale competitors with our streamlined business model that’s cost-effective and simple to get started.

We make it easy for you to start your resale business. When you become part of the Crossing the Jordan family, you have immediate access to tools and support, including a start-up inventory package to get your resale boutique up and running.

It fits. Do you have a love for helping people? Are you purpose-driven to make an impact on your community? Does providing excellent customer service inspire you? Then you are the right match for owning a Crossing the Jordan franchise.

This is your chance to capitalize on a growing market sector and help give second chances to your community – all in your protected territory. With your own Crossing the Jordan franchise, you can get the best of all worlds – feel-good moments every day and a career that will bring a lifetime of rewards.

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